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OIPEEC Conference – La Rochelle – April 2017: The new frontier of NDE using a combination of MRT, 3D Measurement and Vision System



Cristiano Bonetti 

VisionTek Engineering 

Roman Martyna 

Laboratory LRM 

Maciej Martyna 

Laboratory LRM-NDE


The paper describes the results of a Non Destructive Examination on a steel wire rope using a combined application of the reference technologies MRT, 3D Measurement and Vision System.

The combined approach permits to merge the benefits of the different technologies and to focus the field of analysis of the various systems on their strength points.

It permits to inspect inner and outer local breaks, loss of metallic area, to take under control the overall modifications of the geometrical rope parameters, to check for external damages and to have an immediate visual feedback for false positives discard.

The main focus of the paper is concentrated on the extended set of data that, opportunely combined, permits to strengthen the capabilities of the single technologies reducing the amount of false positives and permitting to perform a more reliable rope assessment based on cross-checked information.






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VisionTek Engineering S.r.l.
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