3D Measuring System for Continuous Rope Monitoring

Rope user: a completely new awareness about rope conditions

  • Dramatic cost saving: analysis during normal rope operations, no need to stop normal crane or vessel working plans
  • Improvement of plant service level with a continuous control of high value ropes
  • New approach to safety and risk management: from disaster risk to disaster prevention
  • Possibility to have service support from the manufacturer submitting measures and images of critical points
  • Comparison of rope measurement with the manufacturer baseline
  • Analysis of rope’s evolution and estimation of the residual life
  • New approach to spare parts provisioning, oriented to service level
  • Possibility to plan rope maintenance and re-lubrication, based on real need

Rope manufacturer: rope quality 100% under control

  • All rope parameters measured continuously and automatically during the whole manufacturing process
  • No need of any human additional operation or manufacturing process interruption
  • Post process or real time analysis
  • QA office complete control, Process Capability verification
  • QA rope certificate
  • Rope image permanently stored in case of customer claim

Company Info

VisionTek Engineering S.r.l.
Registered office: Via Fortunato Zeni n. 8,
38068 Rovereto (Tn) 

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